Peter Melaragno was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.  As a

sculptor, he has exhibited at various regional shows and galleries.  He

has a Bachelors Degree in History and earned his Masters Degree

in Film Production from Boston University's School of Public

Communication.   In 1978 he joined the faculty

of the University of South Florida's Film

Department in Tampa where, as an Associate

Professor, he taught graduate and under-graduate

courses in film production, theory, and appreciation.


While in Florida Mr. Melaragno worked with Atlantic Productions as a producer and editor of documentary films.  Also with Charles Lyman of Atlantic Productions, he served for five years in the 1980s as co-director of Florida’s Annual Chinsegut Film Festival, a venue for the presentation of Independent films in the Southeastern United States.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1987 to work as an editor of documentary and narrative films.   After living in Rome for two years, he relocated back to Florida in 2002; he resides now in Miami Beach.


Mr. Melaragno has worked as a contract editor for countless of films and videos.  As a producer/director, he has written and edited over a dozen 16mm and video documentary and narrative films.  Among his most recent projects (produced, co-directed, wrote and edited) is the 52-minute documentary, CUBA: THE 40 YEARS WAR, narrated by Martin Sheen.  In collaboration with Atlantic Productions, he is working on a series of historical documentaries on Italy and Ancient Rome.  In Miami, Mr. Melaragno has recently joined with Charles Recher and Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts of Miami Beach to form LEGS RUN, a non-profit production production company dedicated to producing promotional DVDs for non-profit social-welfare groups in Florida.